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New to Dance?

So, you're new to partner dancing, or maybe you've done other types of dance and you're new to Lindy Hop. Not to worry, we've got you covered! Want to know what's going on in and around Atlanta? Click here to check out the calendar!

Lindy Hop isn't just a dance; it's a community. Locally, regionally, Nationally and Internationally, Lindy Hoppers pride themselves on their ability to transcend boundaries and create comfortable, friendly connections with a wide variety of new friends.


Whether you're looking for excersize, friends, a new hobby, just love the music, or any other reason, we'll help you ease into the flow of dance and all that goes along with it!


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Commonly Asked Questions

Preparing for your first class

Q. Do I need special shoes or clothes?

A. You don't need special shoes or clothes, but here are some tips that will come in handy. Dancing is an aerobic activity, so wear layers that you can easily shed, and bring extra shirts, because you will sweat! Wear shoes that won't slip off and are comfortable. In classes, many people like worn out keds-style shoes.

Q. What if I want special shoes?

A. Well, alright! Let's do this thing. If and when you decide you want special shoes, you'll hear people talking about chrome leather and "chroming" your shoes. No, we're not just big google fans, chrome soles are a type of suede that helps make your shoes slick on the bottom, which is great for turns and slides. You can get your shoes chromed at a shoe repair place, but ask them if they do dance shoe soles first; not every one does. A couple great websites for buying dance shoes online are and

Q. And clothes?

A. People dress in all sorts of ways when they go out dancing, and you can dress however you feel most comfortable. If you're into vintage threads, but don't want to ruin that delicate gem from 1943, check out the sweet selection at, and

Q. Can I ask anyone to dance?

A.You bet! Anyone dances with anyone at a Lindy Hop/Swing event. Leads and Follows are both encouraged to ask for dances. Some people both lead and follow, so if you want to switch, just ask! 

Check your studio location

Make sure you're going to the right studio. Some searches send you to an old location, so check the calendar below for a link to your class location. Most Monday classes are at Hot Jam, 307 Pine Tree Dr NE in Atlanta, and most other classes are at Firefly Studio, 189 Sams Street in Decatur, but check to make sure!!

Bring a water bottle!

It's important to stay hydrated when dancing! So be sure to bring a water bottle with you. We have a kitchenette at Firefly, and a water fountain at Hot Jam where you can fill or refill your bottle.

Bring a change of shirt

Dancing can be sweaty business, so be kind, and bring a shirt, just in case you sweat through yours. While we're at it, just a reminder to use anti-perspirant or deodorant when you go out dancing. Every time!

Cleanliness is next to Astaire-liness

Nothing says "let's dance" more than fresh breath, clean smellin' clothes and you saying, "Let's Dance." But seriously, remember to be kind to the people you're dancing with, and keep ourselves smellin' sweet. 

Do be mindful of perfumes & colognes, however...a little goes a long way!