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Classes & Workshops

Down South Swing classes run four weeks, one hour per week. See the calendar below for the dates and times of the upcoming classes.


Workshops are one-day or one-weekend classes in a specialized subject, and are often a more intensive learning environment.


Click here to use the registration form below to sign up for classes, and we look forward to seeing you there!

January Classes

Level 1 & Level 2 classes run year long, except December. Level 3 and up will skip November and December. Since these levels do not have regular four-week courses in November and December, Level 3+ memberships purchased in September & October will skip November and December, restarting in January. Level 3+ Memberships purchased in November and December will begin in January. Some June and July courses are workshop-format and one-evening intensives, please refer to the calendar for dates and times.

Special Topic Workshop pricing varies, and while not included in memberships, members and partner registrations receive discounts on workshop tuitions.

Partners: Discounts available when you register with a partner! $20 off when you register with a partner for 4-week courses. 15% off when you register with a partner for a 3-month pass.

Level info in a nutshell:

4-Week Courses: Please complete all Level 1 courses (or equivalent) before moving up to Level 2, as you will need the material from all three Level 1's for any Level 2 course. Pre-requisite courses may be completed with any Lindy Hop instruction group. If you have a question about your level, feel free to contact us.

Memberships: Your level and curriculum (i.e. Blues or Lindy) will be printed on your membership card, and it will need to be presented at each class after your initial visit.  Memberships are activated the 1st of each month, i.e., if you purchase a membership in the middle of January, your membership will be active February 1-April 30.   If your class level is canceled any month, you may redeem your membership that month in the form of three 30-minute private or semi-private lessons. Once your membership is activated, there are no refunds. I mean, come on! They are such a deal!! Take all the classes!

Please contact us with any questions at

Fine print & Details

November Classes
Level 1 :: 6 Count & Charleston

Level 2 :: Swingout Variations & Tandem Charleston

Level 1 :: Charleston
Level 1 :: Lindy Hop
Level 1 :: Jookin' Blues
Level 1 :: Ballroomin' Blues

Level 2 :: Charleston
Level 2 :: Lindy Hop
Level 2 :: Jookin' Blues
Level 2 :: Ballroomin' Blues