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Classes & Workshops

Down South Swing has been thrilled to run vintage dance classes for over 15 years. We will be ending our class programming on 12/31/2018, and for the last months of operation, we're excited to offer classes at 2003 prices! Just $40 for the four week courses, or $15 for drop-ins!


Down South Swing classes run four weeks, one hour per week. See the calendar below for the dates and times of the upcoming classes.


Workshops are one-day or one-weekend classes in a specialized subject, and are often a more intensive learning environment.

4 week courses
Drop in: $18 Now only $15!
4-class series: $60 online pre-registration Now only $40!!

Pricing varies

Memberships are no longer available

*Level 1 6-Count
*Level 1 Charleston


*Technique & Personal Style

*MORE Shag & Bal

*Insane Spins & Turns

December Classes

Cancellation: Online registration closes 4 days before courses commence. Courses without a minimum of 8 students will be cancelled, and tuition will be refunded.  Cancellation will be posted on our calendar, registration form and notifications via email. Student cancellations made in writing (email is preferred) before online registration closes will be given a full refund. Cancellations received in writing after online registration is closed but before the first day of class will be given a credit equal to their tuition paid. Cancellations received after the first day of class will result in a forfeiture of tuition.

4-Week Courses: Four-week courses are progressive and cumulative. 

Please contact us with any questions at

November Classes

*Level 1 Charleston/8 Count
*Level 1 Lindy Hop/8 Count
*Tranky Doo
*Balboa & Collegiate Shag


Continuing Learner Workshops
*Musicality & Variations
*Fast Lindy